Dutton Epoch CDLX 7322

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Gramophone October 2015

As for the two-piano version of the Piano Concerto that Joseph Cooper made under the composer’s supervision in 1946, I’ve never encountered a more persuasive performance than this one. Leon McCawley and John Lenehan make a superbly polished, cohesive team and they are backed to the hilt by Yates and a fired-up RSNO.
Andrew Achenbach

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Classical Music Magazine October 2015

The concerto has had a chequered history: originally a fiendishly difficult solo vehicle for Harriet Cohen, its two-pianist version is nowhere near as well known as the composer’s other concertante works. It’s a big piece. not dissimilar to the Fourth Symphony, and has not been better served on record before. *****
Guy Weatherall

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Music Web International September 2015

There’s no doubt that Leon McCawley, John Lenehan and Martin Yates make a strong – and sometimes forthright – case for this concerto. This is a very valuable disc from Dutton. The musical content is of great interest to Vaughan Williams devotees and the performances are excellent.
John Quinn